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Oct 2, 2012 9:30am PDT
, but everybody knows. it is a catastrophe for the country. >> nikolai has been outspoken and has attracted the attention of the regime. the authorities have searched his house four times this year looking for anti-nuclear brochures, but he says he feels a responsibility towards his country, and as a retiree, he does not have much to lose. like some who spoke with us, he says, "who will speak up if i don't?" the heavy machinery rolls through the village every day on the way to the site. in 2018, belarus' first reactor block is scheduled to go online. >> polar bears have become the symbol of climate change. some 20,000 animals are estimated to live in the arctic today, but researchers have been warning that they could be extinct by the middle of the century. if the eyes continues to melt, they said, polar bears would not know how to survive. but there may be hope. it looks as the polar bears are learning to adapt to a changing environment. >> when the cotton grass blooms and the temperatures stay above zero, then it is summer. the cliff suggested in snow, and polar bears can be seen wanderin
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
several productive meetings with my russian counterpart nikolai mccarver of in washington d.c., europe and by video teleconference several times. i could go on but as you can tell i'm working hard on my friends list. one final thought. during all of these travels our servicemen and women are always for most of my thoughts. they and their families have been through a lot. they are an inspiration. i saw this when i was honored to go to london to the united states delegation to the paralympics. are athletes, especially the wounded warriors, 20 of the 200 were wounded warriors, defined resilience. one of them in particular i will tell you about. the tenant read snyder lost his ear and year ago and one year after he was wounded on the battlefield he won two golds and a silver in london in the paralympics. i just saw him this past weekend at the army air force football game accompanied by his brother russell who is his care provider. there was a touching moment when neve kicked a field goal and their comeback against air force. some of you in the audience may have been on the wrong end of th
Oct 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
, john nikolay and john hay, told him he didn't have time for these ordinary people. you are wrong, he responded. these are my public opinion baths. they serve to renew in me a clearer and more vivid image of that great assemblage of which i have sprung. >> i want to talk about the courage that it took for lincoln to take on this fight. it seems now like an obvious thing to say which is to free our fellow human beings from bondage. how hard was that fight? >> it was difficult. about the fight was, he did not run on the abolitionist ticket. he would not have been elected had he run as an abolitionist. he had a moral urge from his very young, you know, years that slavery was an atrocity. but at the very beginning when the war first started, you know, he could not let those border states, you know, secede and go south. and because he couldn't let that happen, he pretty much put on a political theater, political theater meaning that he said what had to be said to calm the border states down. and before the secession of the southern rebels, he tried very, very hard to prevent them from leav
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)